Five Ways To Get New Subscribers

Whether you realize it or not, the problem you’re having with your membership site is usually not the content. It’s just that you don’t have enough new subscribers joining that membership site month after month. How do you get new subscribers, Use all five of these methods.

1. Create a simple follow-up sequence.

I can’t tell you how many marketers I know who have squeeze pages, opt-in bribes, blogs and so on. They have a list of subscribers who have not yet bought and yet they don’t send any messages to them. People need to be told an average of seven times before they will accept your offer.

So why don’t you send them more emails, Give them a new reason everyday for 10 days about why they should join your membership site. Overcome common objections, answer commonly asked questions, remind them about specific features of your membership site that they might have missed glancing at your sales letter. They want you to sell to them. They have opted in, it’s up to you to finish the job.

2. Ask, “Why didn’t you buy,”

This is the best way I have of getting people to respond to me. Simply ask people, “Why the heck haven’t you joined my membership site yet,” Tell them they can respond directly to the email and you’ll get their answer. Don’t send them to a survey page or a contact form. Make it possible for them to hit the reply button and email you directly. This is good because it lets you know what’s the common reason people aren’t buying.

Ignore anyone who responds with the word “price” but if somebody says they’re not sure about the money back guarantee, that’s another email you can send to your list reminding of the money back guarantee. If somebody is not sure how much content they get upfront, respond to your list, tell them how much content they get upfront and so on.

3. Add an upsell to the end of your reports.

Just because somebody’s bought a product from you doesn’t mean it has to stop there. You can add an additional page at the end of your product telling them about your membership site. If you can make it a logical progression from the end of your report to the beginning of your membership site, even better but remind them that there is more stuff out there from you that they want.

4. Blitz the market with authority articles.

Your membership site teaches people things, right, So take a couple of those quick tips, write them as articles and submit them to article directories, post them on blogs, submit them to magazines or other online newsletters. But get the message out that you are the expert on this topic and at the end of those articles, send them to your membership site.

5. Add a pop-up to your blog.

When you wrote all those authority articles you posted, all if not most of them to your own blog, right, What’s the point of having a blog if people are not directed to some other offer especially a free opted newsletter, Add a pop-up on your blog offering some kind of free gift in exchange for an opt-in. That way, you’re not just getting traffic but you’re capturing that traffic into a mailing list that then reminds them why they should join your membership site.

Those are the five methods you should be using today to get new subscribers. Have a simple follow-up sequence, ask why they didn’t buy, add an upsell inside your other information products and membership sites, blitz the market with authority articles, and add a pop-up onto your blog.