How Can I Compete Against The Other PLR Sites

The business model where you set up a private label rights club that is you purchase rights and load them up into a paid membership site is super easy, but it’s also super competitive. How can you compete against sites like that, It’s easy. Fill the hole they are not filling, offer ongoing resale rights, and present your rights in a well-organized location.

Many PLR sites simply dump in as many products as they can. But what you can do is give people the solution that no one else is giving them. For example, if you are purchasing rights to a set of information products about list building, the average club is simply going to pile in a bunch of list building products in no particular order. Some of them might give you confuting information and it’s not really clear which one somewhat you’re losing to and which one they shouldn’t.

If you on the other hand, look through each of these list building products and arrange them into a step-by-step course, you’re going to give people extra handholding that they cannot get in these other membership sites. By simply arranging content in a step-by-step order and throwing out the niche products that are not worth looking at, you can give people a much better user experience once they’ve joined your club.

Next, many of these PLR sites simply charge them up the fee for a big pile stuff. But if you’re the one who drips out resale rights on an ongoing weekly basis, you actually save people that shore of having to go out and find good resale rights, you bring the resale rights for them automatically.

And finally, most resale rights membership sites don’t have any kind of follow-up sequence. People join these sites and they are expected to log in every few days to find out what’s new. But what if you’re the one guy to offer autoresponder announcements when you add new products or to announce people that they have unlocked new membership levels and can get rights to new materials,

On top of this, many membership sites that offer resale rights simply pile in a bunch of download links on a single webpage. But because you set up your PLR site on a WordPress blog, it is now categorized and it is now searchable.

Those are the three ways you’re going to compete against other PLR sites. You’re going to fill in the hole, offer ongoing resale rights, and using the power of WordPress present the rights in category format, make them searchable and send people announcements letting them know what is new in the site.