What Is The PLR Club Strip Mining Strategy

When you’re making your own membership site filled with resale rights content, you might be wondering, “Where am I going to find all of these products add to my site,” The good news is that there are other sites that exclusively deal out resale rights content. You can join these sites and basically strip mine them for resale rights materials, but they’re going to want it to take a few extra steps to ensure that your site is better than theirs. And these are the wheat-from-the-shaft strategy, the bonus-matching strategy, and the SEO-bait strategy.

Whenever you join a membership site that contains resale rights, it comes with hundreds, if not thousands and thousands, of different products. And a lot of them just are not very good. But membership site owners tend to lead in sitting around even though they’re in the way and they’re making it difficult for people to find the good resale rights materials. Your job is to separate the wheat from the shaft and throw out the bad resale rights and keep the good ones so that your site is filled only with the high quality eBooks that aren’t filled with fuller content, that aren’t filled with wide margins, the videos that explain things instead of talking about theory and the products that have a clear beginning and end, and leave people at the end of the training actually having learned something and hopefully have accomplished something. Throw out the bad PLR. Keep the good PLR.

Next, you can match up the perfect bonus for your destined products. Let’s say you had some training about how to set up WordPress and you bought the rights to a video series that explains the best WordPress plugins. That would make a perfect bonus. You taught them how to set up WordPress and the videos you bought the rights to show them the plugins. Is anybody going to care that the voice on the bonus video is different than yours, Not a chance as long as the information is good.

And finally, when you set up all of these resale rights materials and partially protect the content so that the content is out in the open but people have to log in to get the download links. This means that you have all these new pages that show up in the Google search results and that means you have lots of linkbacks and a higher chance of somebody finding your site when they type in a search query.

Those are the three things I want you to consider when mining other PLR sites for resale rights to add to your own. Separate the wheat from the shaft, match up the perfect bonus, and keep in mind all the new search engine optimization content that you’re setting up.