When Do I Not Want To Reveal I Have A PLR-Based Membership Site

It’s true. Just because you filled up your membership site with resale rights or private label rights materials, you don’t always want to pass along the rights or even tell people that the products in your membership site are based of a resale rights. This is going to happen if your membership site is outside the internet marketing niche, if your membership site is not a resale rights club, or even if the book has renaming rights and you remixed the book yourself.

There is a way to make a membership site outside of internet marketing. There are many ways of making money outside of internet marketing and all you have to do is do a search on Google. A simple fact is that in most niches, in most of the world, on most of the internet, people have no idea what resale rights are so they’re not even going to care that you offer resale rights. Let’s say that you had a membership site in the golf niche, how to improve your golf game. Most golfers are not going to care if the guides you give them about golfing include resale rights. Just because you can pass along the rights doesn’t mean you should.

And that brings me to my next point. Even if your site does discuss internet marketing, even if your crowd does know what resale rights are, that still might not be the reason why they joined. There is a kind of membership site you can create called a “resale rights club” and the appeal of the club is that people get new rights every week or every month. But for most of the sites you create, you’re not going to want to pass along the rights because you get one more thing to explain and you get one more crowd you’re trying to appeal to.

If you have a site that’s all about giving away resale rights or selling resale rights, then fine. Talk about the rights they get. But if your membership site is filled with tutorials, isn’t that to teach people things you don’t want to be passed along the rights, Because it just comes distracting.

And finally, if you have redone the product and made it your own, there’s no reason to pass along the rights or even tell people that the product is based on resale rights because it is yours. You made it. You used the resale rights you purchased as a starting point for videos and for your reports, but it is now yours and there is no reason to pass along the rights.

Those are the three instances when I would not pass along the rights or even explain that the rights are included with the product. Those are when the membership site is in the non-internet marketing niche, when your membership site is not a resale rights club, and also when the products inside of that site have renaming rights and you have made it completely your own.