Where Should I Look For Membership PLR And How Much Should I Pay

A great business model is to buy up the rights and that means the resale rights or master resale rights or even private label rights to products, then put them in your own membership site and sell access to that membership site sometimes passing along the rights to those products to your subscribers. It sounds like a great idea, but where do you go looking for resale rights materials, How much should you pay and how do you justify that kind of payment,

Look for resale rights on sites such as master-resale-rights.com or on tradebit.com. I do not own those sites. Those are my two go-to sources to acquire new resale rights. Both of those sites allow us to search based on keyword, browse by category, and see exactly what you’re getting. You can find out if you’re getting audio in an MP3 format or WAV or WMA, how long the audios are and so on. It’s a same deal with the video or even written material. You’ll find out if you’re getting a PDF, a word document, text files, whatever.

The overlooked source of PLR is Google. All you have to do is type in your niche keyword and the term PLR and usually, lots of results will show up. The more specific you can make your search request the better, and I use a service from Google called “Google Alerts” that sends me an e-mail when it finds new pages matching these keywords. For example, I have a Google Alert set up for the term “WordPress PLR.” If anybody posts a blog post or a webpage or a sales letter that contains the words “WordPress” and “PLR,” I will be notified and usually, there’s something I might want to buy.

Now you know where to find PLR, how much do you pay, Preferably, you want to pay $20 or higher because less people will have copies of these products. If you find a resale rights item on sale for a dollar, it’s probably not going to be very good and you’re going to have a lot of competition. Pay $20 or higher for private label rights because I have paid as much as $600 for some hard-to-find and exclusive resale rights. It’s okay to pay a little bit more than you would expect for rights because you can figure it out later. You can write it off against your business. You only just save a sale of certain number of copies of that product to make your money back. For example, if you spent a hundred dollars to get rights to a twenty-dollar eBook, you make five sales and you’ve broken even.

On top of that, if you buy let’s say rights to a video training course that’s three hours long and only cost you $20, you’ve paid $20 to save yourself three hours of the time that would have taken you to record those videos. Think of investing in PLR in that way that you can write it off against your business, you only do certain number of sales, and it saves you a set number of hours that you would have to make the content yourself.

When looking for PLR, look on master-resale-rights, tradebit, and Google Alerts to get new sources of PLR. When purchasing these rights, pay $20 or higher especially for video training if you can get a way with it, and think of it in terms of how many sales do I need to get my money back.